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Nimrod Novik

Dr. Nimrod Novik


Novik is a former Senior Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Shimon Peres (RIP), a former Special Ambassador of the State of Israel and a former Advisor to the Israeli National Security Council.

He is a member of the Executive Committee of Commanders for Israel's Security (CIS), an organization of over 550 former senior officers in all of Israel’s security agencies, including IDF generals, Mossad, Shin Bet, Police, NSC and Foreign Service equivalents. CIS is committed to the future of Israel as a secure, strong Jewish democracy.

He is a past Chair and current Senior Fellow at the Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF), that has been involved in all phases of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations since it foundation in 1990. ECF maintains a vast network of relations with senior security and other officials in the Middle East region and beyond. It is viewed as a credible, professional and discrete ‘back office’ for many of those engaged in Arab-Israeli diplomacy, Washington included.


He is the Israel Fellow of The Israel Policy Forum (IPF), an American Jewish bi-partisan organization active in the Jewish community as well as in Washington.


He has long been involved in extensive back-channel diplomacy including these days, when he is in frequent communications with those in Israel, in Washington, in regional and European capitals who are engaged in designing and implementing polices concerning Gaza, the West Bank and broader regional matters.

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